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Mac Frosh Kit 2023

Hellooooo, Campers!

Are you ready for the most epic Frosh of your lives? Get ready to experience a week filled with non-stop action, excitement, and all the fun you can imagine!

Make sure to only purchase 1 KIT PER PERSON.

And make sure to complete this waiver:


This Frosh Kit is your ticket to Orientation Week! You'll get access to all the exciting events and activities happening throughout the week and it's the perfect way to get to know your new campus, make new friends, and have a blast!


Make sure you grab yours now, and get ready for the best experience in your University career!


Mac Frosh Kit 2023


    Your Frosh Kit will include:

    1x Drawstring Bag

    1x T-Shirt

    1x Dog Tag

    1x Water Bottle

    1x Lanyard

    1x Temporary Tattoo

    2x Stickers

    1x Rally Towel

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