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McLaughlin College Council


The primary aim of the McLaughlin College Council is to promote the welfare and interests of the students affiliated with McLaughlin College, and to provide services, activities, publications and facilities which serve to enrich the lives and educational experience of the students. Everyone is encouraged to come out and participate at any and all levels of College life. Feel free to stop by our office (RM.143) Monday to Friday 9:00am-6:00pm. The council welcomes all new and old faces, and always promotes inclusiveness, respect, support, and student involvement.


Founded in 1968, McLaughlin College was named in honour of the late Colonel R.S. McLaughlin, business pioneer. The College is dedicated to fostering knowledge and critical analysis of public policy. Special attention is given toward improvement of society, the local community, the province, Canada, and international relations. McLaughlin’s founding Master, George Tatham, insisted that the college emphasize the whole person. Therefore, the arts, music, poetry, and athletics all have a prominent place in life at McLaughlin College.

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