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Our Facililties

In Mclaughlin College, we have plenty of spaces for our students to use.


Our office, located in room MC143, serves as the official McLaughlin College Council space. This location is where any person can find members of our council and find information that may be relevant to them. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!



The Lounge

The Lounge, room MC016, and the JCR a.k.a. Junior Common Room, room MC014, are both great places to catch up on some work, study with some friends, or meet new people around the McLaughlin Community! McLaughlin College Council and other McLaughlin affiliated clubs often hold interesting and fun events for the students here at Mac, which is also a great way to introduce yourself into the University! The Lounge is an amazing way to meet new people, containing a pool table, TV for console setups, and lots of couches to relax on. Make sure to visit the Lounge and the JCR when you're around! See ya soon!

McLaughlin College is home to a small weight room, the only 24 hour gym on campus. It offers a full collection of free weights, supplemented by cardio and boxing equipment.


The College Council Office handles the membership forms and fees. Questions and comments can be sent to to reach the Dynamacs Manager.



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