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Greetings from your VP of Athletics, Elvin Thompson, and your Director of Athletics, Deserae Fulcott! We are honored be to be selected as this year’s 2020 – 2021 Athletic Representatives for McLaughlin College.



Our goal for this year is to take the current athletics program at Mac and improve it by developing our culture, bringing new ideas & convincing constituents around the Mac community why coming out and at least trying to play sports and getting involved around the intramural community can potentially change their entire university experience for the better. When entering university, varsity teams are not the only way sports can be played competitively, as York is known to be one of the largest intramural schools in Canada. 




Sports and Recreation

What's up Wolves, this is your VP of Athletics, Jhasmine Advincula (she/her),                         and your Director of Athletics Khalid Abdulah (he/him)! We are honoured to be                        selected as this year's 2022 – 2023

Athletic Representatives for   

              McLaughlin College.


Our plan for this upcoming school year is not only to take the current athletics program at McLaughlin College to greater heights but to prioritize the well-being and safety of our constituents. Given that we are all slowly transitioning back to a fully in-person university setting, extreme precautions will be implemented and executed due to this ongoing pandemic. That being said, our goal of improving and further developing new ideas for our athletics program won't change.


Here at McLaughlin, we believe that introducing sports and recreation to our constituents can build friendships and bonds within the intramural program at York University. Not only can this provide an outlet to those who want to play sports while taking a break from the stressful events going on within their student life, but it can also change their university experience for the better.

  First, we would like to say that the past few years have been interesting years due to COVID-19; it has affected numerous individuals worldwide and many  other unprecedented events have taken place. As we enter a new school year, we are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may come our way.


Fun Fact:   York University is known to be one of Canada’s largest intramural sports schools. Many incoming and current students that have a passion for sports are not aware of this specific program. Many believe that upon entering university, there is no time for fun and games. However, as students ourselves, we encourage everyone to remain active during their studies. The Intramural program offers sports for competitive athletes and those who want to have fun to relieve stress during the year. There are many different leagues, drops-ins and events that will be offered through our athletics program, and with so many options, you’re bound to find one that’s meant for you!

What makes our athletics program very special is that we have the only other gym on campus, which Bhavya, our Dynamac Manager leads.

He has dedicated her time to reshape Dynamacs into an accessible and inclusive workout space and helping constituents around the community achieve their fitness goals!


We also host many recreational events for those passionate about online gaming, like tournaments for Smash Bros., NBA 2K, FIFA, League of Legends, and casual game nights. The constituents of McLaughlin College have tons of talent, and as your athletic representatives, we encourage you to join us in participating in the many activities we have to offer. Despite the circumstances we are experiencing.


Our goal  is to have an optimal amount of our community involved in sports to build positive connections, make and build new friendships, and create everlasting bonds and memories. We are excited for what this year has to bring for the athletics program at McLaughlin College, the Intramurals program, especially, to meet everyone who wishes to join us, and the rest of the McLaughlin College council in a year filled with fun and gratifying memories.


We encourage everyone to come out and play a sport and participate in our recreational events. Intramurals, along with the McLaughlin College community, welcome everyone.


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