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Meet your O-Chair!

Hey everyone! My name is brittney and i'm your McLaughlin College orientation chair for this year!

So excited to meet y’all during our frosh week and show y’all what McLaughlin is all about !

Frosh week is the perfect opportunity to get yourself acquainted with members from your program and college at York University. you can expect so many things, cool events, swaggy merch, and ever lasting memories! so make sure you sign up and get ready to experience one of the best parts of University!



Brittney Lumanda



MacFrosh Schedule 2023
  • What is Frosh week?
    Frosh is one of the best parts of University where you can interact specifically with other first year students within your program and college. It’s a hyped up week filled with events, games and opportunities to interact with first year and upper year students before school even starts.
  • What is the college system, or specifically what is McLaughlin?"
    The college system at York University is a separation of different 9 different colleges/ buildings that are apart of separation of programs that facilitate, assist in providing different communities affiliated with your program and other programs alike. Luckily McLaughlin College is ONE OF THE BEST colleges on campus that house programs such as “Criminology, global political studies, interdisciplinary social science, law & society, public policy and administration, sociology, and work & labour studies etc”. Each college hosts their own frosh week on campus and you’re lucky you chose us and we will host one of the best weeks for y’all.
  • How can I follow up with updates for frosh OR WHERE CAN I PURCHASE MY FROSH TICKET?
    You can follow our Instagram pages at and our specific frosh page at for more details, updates and announcements of events. If you want to buy your frosh ticket to participate in one of the best frosh weeks you can buy it directly here on the website that leads you to the purchasing forum or click the link in the bio of @mclaughlincollegecouncil or @macfrosh23 😄


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